Wearing Grey
Nov 13, 2016
2 minutes read

Why wearing is so complicated?

  • If you are meeting with your friends, you shouldn’t wear the same clothes with the previous meeting.
  • You should be stylish at the office.
  • You need to be elegant if you’re dating.
  • You need to be interesting or cool when you’re going for a party.
  • Interviews are so special, take care of your clothes.
  • Funerals, ceremonies, conventions… they all need different kind of suits.
  • You have to wear the right shoes and the belt each time.
  • Your wear’s brand is your business card.
  • You need to update your wardrobe if you lose or gain weight.

I’m really tired of picking the right suit for every meeting or event. I don’t want to be assessed with my clothes. I hate brands, they don’t make sense. I just want to wear something healthy and quality. It’s okay to pay a lot for good shoes, but of course I don’t want to pay over the odds in any case.

Here is my solution,

  • I realized that grey t-shirts are long-lasting, especially the light grey ones. They don’t become discoloured. Also they look nice, you can wear them in any case.
  • Grey sports shoes are my favourite. It’s possible wear them with any jeans etc.
  • Blue, khaki or dark jeans are comfortable and handy.

That’s all I wear and I don’t want to think anymore about dressing up. I didn’t influenced by Mark Zuckerberg, Cem Yılmaz or somebody else. I reached the conclusion after having piles of clothes. I want to live simple and keep myself away from the instructions of the society :)

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