Emacs Shortcuts
Nov 16, 2015
2 minutes read

C-v page down
M-v page up

C-u 8 C-v move 8 lines below
C-u 0 C-l move line to top of page

M-> end of all text
M-< beginning of text

C-l middle of the page
C-l C-l

C-f forward character
C-b backward character

C-n next line
C-p previous line

M-f forward a word
M-b backward a word

C-a beginning of a line
C-e end of a line

M-a begining of a sentence
M-e end of a sentence

C-g cancel command

C-x C-l run disable command example

C-x 1 kill other windows
C-x 2 divide window
C-x o switch to next window
C-M-v scroll other window
C-x 4 C-f open file in a new window
M-x make-frame opens new frame
M-x delete-frame deletes frame

C-h k C-f opens documentation window

C-u 8 * insert 8 *

<DEL> Delete the character just before the cursor
C-d Delete the next character after the cursor

M-<DEL> Kill the word immediately before the cursor
M-d Kill the next word after the cursor

C-k Kill from the cursor position to end of line
M-k Kill to the end of the current sentence

C-Space Start selection

C-/, C-x u, C-_ Undo C-g C-/ Redo

C-w kill selection
C-k kill current line
M-w copy selection
C-y paste clipboard
M-y call previous clipboard buffer

C-x C-f open file
C-x C-s save file

C-x C-b list buffers

C-x s save buffer

M-x recover-file FILENAME

M-x text-mode

C-s search C-r reverse search

C-h c C-p help of previous command
C-h f previous-line describe a function